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CryptoPhoto gives you a fast and safe way to log into your favorite participating web sites while enjoying leading-edge protection against phishing, malware attacks, and scamming. This app gives you unlimited two-factor security tokens which also include bidirectional authentication. It is the only security device in existence that can protect against both scamming/phising, as well as malware like viruses, trojans, and keyloggers. CryptoPhoto is patent-pending technology. Usage After installation, this app will chime each time you use your computer on internet banking or login web pages. To safely complete your login, you simply glance at the app (which opens automatically), and tap the correct corresponding photo displayed on your computer screen. How it works CryptoPhoto works by showing you a random photo off your token. This step blocks phishing, hijacks, and most online scams (no place other than the legitimate site can know what photos are on your unique token). You then tap the photo shown in your app, which sends a one-time auth code to proceed. This second step protects you against malware like keyloggers, viruses, and trojans. Try this app today! The list of participating providers grows regularly, and most of them are completely free. Protections Grab CryptoPhoto to protect yourself against frauds including phishing, fake or spoof web sites, identity theft, and telephone scams. Neutralizes most common technical threats including keyloggers, skimming, viruses and trojans, many email scams, and software oversights (bugs). Mitigates common end-user security mistakes, including shoulder-surfing and written/shared passwords. CryptoPhoto online (e.g.: web sites) and also offline (e.g.: telephone), and functions both with or without an internet connection. In-App purchases The CryptoPhoto App is free, and most tokens you can use are also free. CryptoPhoto has the capacity to hold an unlimited number of tokens from different providers. Most tokens are free, but some cost money to install. For paid tokens, you will be clearly informed of the cost prior to purchase (usually 99 cents), and how long your token will last for (usually indefinitely). Some tokens may cost more, and/or may be provided on a subscription basis. Each token will work on only device. If you have multiple different iOS devices (eg: and iPhone and an iPod), you will need to install a separate new token on each one. For subscription-based tokens, they are normally indefinite, are charged either monthly or yearly. You will be clearly informed of the price and subscription periods prior to purchase. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time (to cancel - visit your Account Settings after purchase and disable auto-renew 24hrs or more before the end of the month). There is no refund for unused tokens or terms after cancelling. Our terms and privacy polices are available at: Your iTunes account is charged at the time of purchase after you confirm. Summary CryptoPhoto introduces a 2-factor token with photographic images that implement bidirectional authentication during user logins. The photos and passcodes which are stored on end-user tokens are known only to the legitimate issuing organization. Because imposters cannot guess the photos it actively prevents victims from being tricked. Because passcodes are one-time used, they're immune to theft.


我可以免费下载 CryptoPhoto 吗?
是! 您可以使用我们的网站免费从官方网站下载 CryptoPhoto。

我可以在PC上使用 CryptoPhoto 吗?
这很简单! 只需按照下面的简单教程,您就可以立即开始享受 CryptoPhoto。 单击上面的“下载”按钮将重定向到官方下载站点以获得Windows免费 CryptoPhoto。

将 CryptoPhoto 在Windows和MAC上工作? 绝对没错! 按照下面的免费教程,将获得 CryptoPhoto 在大多数版本的Windows操作系统或MAC上工作。

如何:下载,安装和使用 CryptoPhoto 为你的电脑 - Windows 10/8/8.1/7

对于 CryptoPhoto 要在您的计算机上工作,您需要先从Bluestacks官方网站下载最新的应用程序模拟器 - Bluestacks软件:

下载 Bluestacks App Player >>.
现在,您必须在Windows系统上安装该软件工具。 完成后,只需启动Bluestacks应用程序,然后按照以下步骤操作:

1.当要求提高位置准确性时,单击“同意”。 如果您不想这样,请单击“不同意”。
结果2。 现在,您必须选择语言首选项。 对我来说,这是中国人。
结果3。 现在,您需要使用自己的Google帐户登录。 如果启用了双因素身份验证,系统会要求您前往浏览器窗口以授权该帐户。 它不会启动单独的浏览器窗口,但会使用应用内浏览器。

如何使用Bluestack运行 CryptoPhoto app:

2.现在,要查找应用程序或游戏,您需要进入App Center窗口。您可以观察到三个选项 - “我的应用”,“应用中心”和“帮助中心”。您需要单击“应用中心”继续。
3.在右上角,您将看到一个搜索栏。只需输入要安装的应用程序的名称即可。在这种情况下 - CryptoPhoto。
5.现在,您会注意到Google Play商店列出 CryptoPhoto 和类似的应用。单击要安装的那个。
成功下载并安装 CryptoPhoto 后,您可以在“我的应用程序”选项卡中找到它。单击它以启动它。

下载 - Android



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